Capital Region Mobile Small Engine Service

It’s rare that I review a business that started out as a client of mine because I don’t want to feel like I’m showing any favoritism, but Joe Carey owner/operator of Capital Region Mobile Small Engine Service has become my goto guy for anything related to my small engine equipment.

So, it’s a long name, but it tells you everything about the business. You might think the best thing about this type of service is that they come to you and repair your equipment right at your house or business, but that as it turns out is really just the icing on the cake!

I first discovered Joe Carey through my dad who used him for his small engine servicing. I ended up doing a couple of small design jobs for Joe’s business through SillyCar Design and then started hiring him for my small engine equipment services. The best part about this business is Joe himself. He is reliable, he is the one always doing the work and the icing on the cake, he comes to you! Joe shows up looking like a true professional in his Capital Region Mobile Small Engine Service “uniform” as I like to call it, and his mobile shop is immaculate and ready to handle most jobs without a second visit.

I used to have to pay a shop to come and pick up my tractor for servicing, now my bill from Joe is sometimes less than the travel fee from the other shops! Another great bonus. Joe knows small engines super well. I have included a couple of photos and a video of my snowblower in action since that is the most recent job I’ve had done. I had broken my pull cord off and the snowblower was squeaky and just needed a good tune up. Joe had it running like new in less than an hour. No squeaking and smooth as butter! I’m now looking forward to an easy winter. And as my snowblower is smaller than what I really should have for my driveway, this wet, heavy snow that I’m cleaning in the photos and video was a great test of Joe’s work and the snowblower performed beautifully! It’s 13 years old or so and I expect to have it for a long time to come. Oh, and the price for the work was fantastic!


I have recommended Joe to several people and every one of them has thanked me for recommending him. That’s the true compliment and should tell you what type of business Capital Region Mobile Small Engine Service is. I don’t like to recommend any business unless I’ve used them and have been extremely happy with them myself first.

So, if you’re looking for a good business for your small engine servicing and repair needs, look no further!


Snowblower photos and video by Grace Glastetter.