BWP – Beer, Wine Pizza

So we wanted to try the new Red Robin in Saratoga because they are known for having a dedicated allergen free fryer for french fries which gives us something we can order for our son who has severe food allergies, but we were a day early. It didn’t open until the next day…. What to do? Well my dad said the BWP was good, so we decided to give it a try.

Well, the waitress was very nice and she took our order very quickly and was attentive during our time there making sure we had enough drinks etc. We asked her to heat up our son’s food (which we brought with us) after she answered some questions about his food allergies and she said no problem. However, it took a really long time and they put his food in one of their bowls which may not be a huge deal depending on how clean it was. The container we supplied was microwave ready, so I’m not sure why they did that…. Especially since they explained that they are not an allergen prepared facility when we asked.

Anyway, on to the food. I ordered a cobb salad which was pretty good. My daughter ordered a flatbread dish and my wife ordered a burger with onion rings on the side. We also started with an order of their wings which the waitress explained that they have won awards for. The wings were tasty, but unmistakably loaded with butter which to me takes away from the flavor of the sauce, but they were decent. My daughter liked her flatbread and my wife only took a bite or two of her burger. This was because she was so busy fighting off the fruit flies that were dive bombing her food. They seemed to be attacking her only. Then she found two hairs in her onion ring sauce. Not Good! Then my son crawled on the floor which was pretty greasy because he dropped a lego piece. So I took him to the restroom to clean up. The bathroom was nice (granite etc.) but was very dirty. I did not want to touch any surface in there. Which is my normal policy in public restrooms, but this place is in a building where people live and is relatively new, so I guess I expected more.

After that, I noticed that others were fighting off fruit flies and full size house flies at adjacent tables. Needless to say, my wife was not happy and therefore neither was I. We will not be going back to BWP unless we hear from a lot of people that things are better there.

So they get good marks for the waitress who did a good job, but the restaurant needs to be much cleaner. We did not make any complaints at the time of our visit because there was not really anything they could have done to fix it. The food was decent, but not anything to write home about.

Bottom Line: If we’re going to spend $70 for 10 wings, a cobb salad, a burger, two orders of onion rings and four non-alcoholic drinks, we’ll go somewhere else.