Dec 052012

ColecoVision™ - Logo (Small)Mouse Trap™ for ColecoVision™ - Box (Front)Mouse Trap™ by Exidy was a great game in it’s day. It was definitely designed after and intended to get in on the success of Pac-Man™, but it added cool features like doors you could open and close to trap the cats or protect yourself and you also could save your dog bones that you collected and use them whenever you decided to change into a dog and eat cats. Yum!

From the back of the box:

Mouse Trap™ for ColecoVision™ - Box (Back)You control a mouse who weaves his way through a maze of doors and corridors, munching cheese bits. His journey is made hazardous by hungry cats. By eating dog bones, the mouse can turn himself into a dog and chase the cats. Or, he can go through a secret tunnel to escape, or open and close groups of doors to change the maze. But watch for the hawk that swoops down on the mouse, in or out of his dog disguise. Will the mouse make it through-or be a snack for the cats or the hawk?

Review (2009 by Grace Glastetter):

Mouse Trap™ for ColecoVision™ - Cartridge, Overlays & InstructionsThe game of Mouse Trap™ was so fun that it made me want to play it again with my daddy, but I realized that there was no hawks like the box says. (Daddy’s note – we played the easy level which has no hawks…) The game was about a person being the mouse who needs to eat the cheese and you press the dog button to turn into a dog. You need to press the red, yellow and blue buttons to make the doors open and you don’t want to let the cats eat you or else you’ll get a BIG GAME OVER! It was kind of colorful, but not all the colors of the rainbow. I felt the buttons worked well and I felt that it played pretty good. I really liked turning into a dog and eating the cats. That game was pretty good for being 26 years old.

This review was written by Grace Glastetter. And she’s a little girl. Daddy typed it and Grace told him what to type. This was her first review of any kind ever! (03/08/2009).

Daddy’s favorite part was that we played together. Grace worked the colored doors and the dog button and Daddy steered the mouse through the maze. What fun!

My Rating:

Play Control: 7.0
Graphics: 8.0
Sound/Music: 7.0
Story: 5.0
Level Design: 8.0
Replay Value: 9.0
Overall: 7.0 (Overall ratings are rounded to the nearest half point.)

Cosmetic Condition of my copy of this game:

Overall, I rate my copy: 7.0 – It is in good condition for its age!


System: ColecoVision™
Year: 1982
Developer: Exidy
Publisher: Coleco
Price I (My Dad) paid: $29.95.
Retail Price: Around $39
Purchased from: Duane’s Toyland – Schenectady, N.Y. (R.I.P.)
Game is complete?: YES, but no receipt.

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