Dec 042012

ColecoVision™ - Logo (Small)LadyBug™ for ColecoVision™ - Box (Front)Besides the excellent flyer description below, I’d like to mention the special vegetable harvest level that you get if you collect the letters to spell the word special. The harvest level is just you against the clock grabbing as many veggies as you can before time is up (see screenshots). My high score (as of 03/02/09) on Lady Bug™ for ColecoVision™ is 182,330 at level 10 (Mushroom). Below is a list of all the levels (vegetables) I’ve seen so far. Do you know what comes after mushroom? Send me an email using the contact link on this page and let me know! I have one complete copy of this game and one extra cartridge which I got from Pat Ingram’s attic with permission from Bonnie!

From the ColecoVision™ Flyer:

Lady Bug™ by Universal. In this game you direct a lady bug through a maze. While eating dots, she must avoid running over the poisonous skulls and encountering the evil insects which are out to devour her. Revolving doors permit her to change the maze and thwart her persuers! Can you get her safely through?

From the back of the box:

LadyBug™ for ColecoVision™ - Box (Back)You’re in control of a hungry Lady Bug. Help her traverse a tricky maze, gobbling up dots. But also in her path are poisonous skulls. And just when she thinks she’s safe, a “bug box” sends out ravenous insects! She can dodge them by passing through turnstile-like doors. But be quick about it or they’ll sneak through and continue the chase! Will the Lady Bug gobble up all the dots and thwart her pursuers, or become a tasty tidbit for them?

Review (2011):

LadyBug™ for ColecoVision™ - Cartridge & InstructionsLady Bug™ is one of the greatest games of all time. That’s my opinion anyway, so this review may be a bit biased. Knowing that, I will say that Lady Bug™ was Universal’s rip off of Pac-Man™, however, they did add enough to make it their own. Lady Bug™ was a maze game where you controlled a lady bug and had to eat up all the dots on the screen just like Pac-Man™, but Lady Bug added rotating walls that you could move with your lady bug. The enemies could not move them, so you could use them to protect yourself which was nice. There were also more bonus items than Pac-Man™. You had vegetables that appeared in the middle of the screen once all of the enemies were on screen and also hearts and letters that gave you different bonuses depending on what color they were when you ate them. Eating the hearts when they were blue would give you a point mutiplier, eating the letters when they were either yellow or red would help you spell the words “EXTRA” and “SPECIAL”. If you spelled EXTRA, you got an extra lady bug. If you spelled SPECIAL, you got a special vegetable harvest level. Lady Bug™ was very challenging and has a very high replay value for maze game fans. The ColecoVision™ version is one of the best home ports I’ve played of this game!

My Rating:

Play Control: 8.0
Graphics: 8.0
Sound/Music: 7.0
Story: 5.0
Level Design: 9.0
Replay Value: 9.0
Overall: 7.5 (Overall ratings are rounded to the nearest half point.)

Cosmetic Condition of my copy of this game:

Overall, I rate my copy: 8.0 – It is in great condition for its age!


System: ColecoVision™
Year: 1982
Developer: Universal.
Publisher: Coleco
Price I paid: $Fill this in!.
Retail Price: $42.79
Purchased from: Fill this in!
Game is complete?: YES, including receipt.

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