Apr 162011

ColecoVision™ - Logo (Small)Cosmic Avenger™ for ColecoVision™ - Box (Front)Cosmic Avenger™ was made by Universal in 1982 and was very similar to Konami’s Scramble in the arcades. I’m not sure which one came first, but they are both really fun games! In Cosmic Avenger™, you fly your space ship from left to right on the screen and you can fire bullets ahead of your ship. You can also drop missles below your ship and hit enemies on the ground. There is a small radar screen to help you see enemies before they appear on the screen. I played this game a ton as it was one of the first games my brother and I got for ColecoVision™. I still have the original box and instructions and they are in very good shape.

From the box:

Cosmic Avenger™ for ColecoVision™ - Box (Front)In this futuristic air and sea battle game, you command a space fighter in combat against an alien civilization. Using the control, you direct it over the cities and down through the sea caverns. The alien installations must be destroyed! But the aliens employ ships and submarines that fire missiles and release bombs with unrelenting force! You’ve got to maintain a close watch on the radar screen, observe their positions and retaliate to stay alive!


Cosmic Avenger™ for ColecoVision™ - Cartridge & InstructionsIt has been a very long time since I actually played the ColecoVision™ version of this game, but I remember it very well and I have the arcade version in my arcade machine (see the arcade page which can be accessed from the arcade hub here!) I play the arcade version from time to time. I logged many hours on this game when I was a kid and the balance of play control and challenge were spot on for a budding video game junkie… The graphics were very good for 1982 and the sound was typical ColecoVision™ sound (ie. it drove my mom nuts!) This is however one of those games that would likely hold up very well today with people who’ve never even heard of ColecoVision™. If you’ve ever enjoyed a game of Scramble™ by Konami, you would love this game too…

My Rating:

Play Control: 9.0
Graphics: 8.0
Sound/Music: 7.0
Story: 5.0
Level Design: 7.0
Replay Value: 8.0
Overall: 7.5 (Overall ratings are rounded to the nearest half point.)

Cosmetic Condition of my copy of this game:

Overall, I rate my copy: 7.0 – It is in excellent condition for its age!


System: ColecoVision™
Year: 1982
Developer: Universal
Publisher: Coleco
Price I paid: $29.99
Retail Price: Around $39.99
Purchased from: Not sure, but my dad probably bought this at Duane’s Toyland.
Game is complete?: YES, but no receipt.

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