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BARC :: Ballston Area Recreation Commission


In the spring of 2018, Joel was selected for a part time position at the Soccer Commissioner for BARC. This resulted in some other projects presenting themselves. In addition to creating a new BARC logo together with Executive Director, Nora Osuchowski, SillyCar Design has created other logos, signage and banners and has been able to […]

iMac :: Screen Replacement :: SSD Hard Drive Upgrade


This iMac was going to be trashed by a client and they asked if we wanted it. Its screen had failed. So since this was an older machine, I thought it would be a good one for Jack to learn on. While we were in there, as always, we cleaned the inside of the machine […]

iMac :: Dead Hard Drive Replaced with SSD Drive


This iMacs’ internal hard drive failed. The Apple Store gave our client the advice to buy a new Mac because this one was six years old and they typically don’t do repairs when a computer is that old because other stuff might fail etc…. SillyCar Design was able to install a 250GB SSD Drive (Solid […]