UPDATE: Updating wordpress to 4.5.3 broke this site’s design…. It had some really old plugins that I’m sure are the problem…. I will fix it when I have time…. ha ha ha!!!! Like that’s going to happen anytime soon….
Looks like all the text is ok though if you feel like reading….

This feed was started on January, 1 2009. This will hopefully be the final place that SillyCar News items will be posted (there have been a couple of other ideas tried, but none have been easy enough to maintain and keep up with). Hopefully this new centralized incarnation will do the trick. Feel free to browse this news area by clicking on the list under the words “News Categories”. You can also click on the dates in the calendar if you want to view news by date, instead of by category. There are also some links below the calendar to other SillyCar related stuff.

If you’d like a user name and password so that you can post replies and comments, please click the “Contact” link to the right, fill out the form letting us know you’d like a password and we will send you a user name and password asap. We hope you enjoy the writings on these pages and look forward to hearing from you.


Joel Andrew Glastetter and
The SillyCar Design Team (Melissa, Grace and Jack).scd1


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