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At SillyCar Design, we offer graphic design services for print, internet and beyond! Don't forget to check out our Facebook page for the latest happenings at SillyCar Design!

For Print,

We can design any piece for print that you could imagine. We can also handle the printing for you. Almost any type of printing you can think of... Through our printing partners, we are able to offer excellent quality print pieces at very competitive prices. Also, with nearly nineteen years experience in a fast paced electronic pre-press department for a highly successful commercial printer, we will not only provide great designs, but designs that are print ready. This not only saves money. It saves time. Click the "Our Work" button to see some of our designs (or click the "resumé" button to see even more!) and then give us a call or an email to let us know what we can design for you!


A large focus at SillyCar Design is on website design for the small business. We will design your website to your specifications. We can also register your domain name for you as well as manage your hosting, ftp and email accounts. If you prefer to handle the hosting yourself, that's fine too. Would you like a website that you can edit yourself? We have lots of experience creating Wordpress sites for our clients that allow them to edit their content on their own. We can also create a responsive site for you. Responsive sites react to the display size that is being used by the viewer. This site is responsive. If you view it on an iPhone or similar small device, the layout adapts to make it easier to view on that small screen. You can also make your browser window narrower on your computer and see the site react to the browser window size.

Our websites are all created from scratch with “old-world” digital craftsmanship, attention to detail and a desire to create a unique and classic website design for each client. We do not necessarily try to dazzle with super flashy, technology laden websites with confusing navigation schemes. Rather, we strive to create clean, nifty, easy to navigate websites that are still stunning to look at. If this is the type of website you think your small business deserves, please click on the "contact" button to the left to find out how we can help you get your business looking memorable on the web.

And Beyond!

The "beyond" portion of our slogan can refer to many things. Perhaps there is a non-traditional design idea that you have, but aren't sure how to implement it. We can help you figure it out. We also offer photography and IT services which is beyond the scope of the traditional Graphic Design company. Also, "beyond" refers to customer service. We are a very small business, but just like you, that doesn't mean we aren't capable. It also means we are very service oriented. You will not deal with a different person each time you call about your project. As a result, it is our hope that this will lead to your experience with SillyCar Design being a happy one and that you will refer your friends and associates to us for their graphic design, printing, photography and IT needs.

Click Here to see our brochure as an online flipping book. Do you prefer a printed copy? Send us a note using the form on the contact page, or through one of our social media pages and let us know. We'll get you one asap. Thanks again for your interest!

If you'd like to read some reviews of SillyCar Design from our clients, just click here or click on the thumbtack icon at the bottom of the page to see some reviews left by our clients on our thumbtack page.