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We are SillyCar Design. (From left to right) Melissa, Jack, Joel and Grace. We are also the Glastetters. Family is why we do this. We love each other and strive every day to live a happy and healthy life! We are all hard workers and always give our best effort at whatever we do.

Here's what our clients say about us...
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And here's what we say about us...

About Melissa:
Melissa like most wives and mothers, is the glue that holds our family and this business together. She is an organizer of events, a disciplinarian and a funny lady with the best smile Joel has ever seen! She is also a Certified Clinical Hemo-Dialysis Technician. That means she holds peoples lives in her hands. Thank goodness there are people like her who are willing to stick other folks with needles (among other things) and who care so much that they are willing to do things that most others would not in order to make someone else feel better. Melissa makes most of the strategic decisions for how SillyCar Design and our household should move forward.

About Jack:
Jack disklikes most of the designs that SillyCar Design creates. This is not necessarily because the designs are bad. He usually doesn't even have an explanation for why he doesn't like a design. We suspect that he just really wants to get back to whatever video game he might be conquering or stop motion animated movie he might be creating and that he thinks that saying he doesn't like a design when we ask is his best means to that end.... Jack is very creative too. He designs levels for video games using his toys and other random household items, he creates incredible worlds in Minecraft, and builds fantastic creations with his Legos. Jack is in charge of making everyone at SillyCar Design laugh their butts off at random times during each day by saying things that a person just can't help but laugh at. He is also in charge of the snuggling. He is very good at his position :)

About Joel:
Joel is the one who handles most of the design work at SillyCar Design. He is likely the one you will deal with if you hire us to do a project for you. He loves coming up with new designs for our customers. If you have an idea for something computer or graphics related and aren't sure how to accomplish it, Joel's experience in Computer Science, Commercial Printing, Graphic Design, Music and Sound Effects Production is bound to be beneficial in accomplishing your goal. Joel also does general computer consulting and is capable of figuring out lots of stuff with software and hardware. He is always learning something new. He can build and repair all different kinds of computers, and if you're interested in building your own classic arcade machine, Joel can help with that too! Need a cool case for your iPod nano made out of an Altoids box? No Problem. What about a new jingle for your next TV or radio commercial? No Problem. To sum up, Joel has a lot of different talents and is a very hard worker. If you'd like to read more about Joel, Click Here to view his online Flash resumé.

About Grace:
Grace is by far the most creative person at SillyCar Design. She can make something cool out of almost anything... Literally. She has created lots of super cool stuff such as doll houses, stuffed animals, ceramic things, and many others. All of her creations are fussed over with a fine toothed comb right down to the finest details. She is also a natural dancer who moves beautifully even when there is no music playing. She has also honed her singing voice and soon will be working on helping her Dad finish his latest album followed by an album of her own! Grace is also our chief design consultant. She is Joel's go to person for an accurate assesment of one of his designs. Her opinions are invaluable. Grace will also be the director of our new podcast which will be coming in the future (currently in development) on the SillyCar Arcade website!

Well, if you've read this far, that could only mean one of two things. A. You're family. or B. You care as much about researching who will be working on your project as we care about doing a great job on every project we work on. Thank you for taking the time to research us! We hope to hear from you soon.